Marketing & SEO

Does your marketing strategy directly reflect your brand and your key objectives?

No? Not yet? Not a clue what your objectives and strategy are?


You’re not alone. As a small business owner, it can be hard wearing all the different hats in a business: CEO, sales, marketing, finance... not to mention being mum or dad at the same time!


Marketing isn’t fishing. It isn’t a case of sticking any old bait on a line, throwing it out there and hoping something will bite. It’s about taking a deep dive into your business. It’s about knowing and understanding your customers and what they want and need from you. Only then can you create purposeful and strategic materials, using them to promote your unique business on the specific platforms accessed by your target market.


Together, by way of a one-hour strategy session, we can embark on a collaborative process to define and plan your marketing strategy. 


During the process, I can help you join the dots, bringing together your social media, website, branding, and marketing. And if you’re fed up of wearing so many hats in your business, let me try one on for size. With over ten years’ marketing experience, I’ve worn a few of my clients’ hats in my time!

Marketing Strategy

One Hour 1-1 Strategy call and Marketing Strategy Plan - £150

What’s included?

  • Three-month marketing strategy plan

  • Know and understand the needs of your target market

  • Streamline your marketing efforts; concentrating your time on those strategies and campaigns that will achieve the best results

  • Pinpoint your promotion – planning the most effective advertising methods on the right platforms to best meet your objectives within your budget

SEO Keyword Package

1-1 keyword Strategy Session - £50

What’s included?

  • SEO keyword research

  • List of up to 50 keywords compiled

Extra Services

Marketing material creation using Canva
(flyers, leaflets, brochures, presentations, etc.) – £20 per hour

Free SEO keyword Guide



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