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But before you can really get to grips with how to make your audience connect with your brand, take a step back – does your brand identity really resonate with who you are and the product or service that you offer?


Maybe you haven’t quite got to grips with your branding. Maybe you have the beginnings of an idea in your mind, but it’s not yet at a stage where you can envision the final concept.


Establishing the right brand for your businesses is essential. Your brand serves to represent you and your business – but at the same time, it must be instantly recognisable and speak to your target market in a way that your customer can understand and relate to.


I can help you. Together, we can define and develop your brand identity and message, culminating with a bespoke graphic design package with the help of our branding partner, Kyrie.


From a product design background, creating everything from sunglasses to home music systems, Kyrie now focuses on her passion for graphic design. Having worked with some of the top branding agencies in the UK, including the creative marketing agency SONDR, Kyrie uses her graphic design skills to create and develop brand identities for small businesses.


Whether your business needs a logo, brochure / leaflet design, business cards or even 3D animations, Kyrie can produce an expertly crafted design which will bring your concepts to life.


Book in a no obligation 1-1 consultation with us to discuss how we can help.

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