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Wix. What’s not to love?

You want to get your business online. But you’re not sure how to do it. And you’ve got a limited budget to spend.

What’s the answer? It’s simple. Wix.

Wix is a great option to get your small business off the ground.

Here’s why.

I was in your shoes two years ago. I wanted a website. A website that was easy to build, navigate and value for money. Typing ‘website builder’ into Google was the first step. The choices included WordPress, GoDaddy, Squarespace and Weebly. At first glance, they all looked like good options. I decided on WordPress. The reviews were good and the example sites looked professional, with plenty of functionality.

It didn’t go well. Without a background in website design and coding, I found myself investing a lot of time watching and learning from YouTube tutorials. Three months later and no further forward in figuring out just how to use WordPress, I was on the verge of ripping all of my hair out. I found the free themes to be overly restrictive and the support and SEO functions were limited. Admitting defeat, I turned to WordPress web designers for help. The quotes were well over my budget. Coming in at over £600, not including the hosting and domain costs which added another £100, I needed a Plan B.

And that Plan B was Wix.

Hurrah! Within an hour I had created my custom template for my business. Within two hours, the site featured fun and exciting imagery. Within three hours, copy had been written and published. The drag and drop builder was so easy to follow and I loved watching the website transform. I was able to fully teach myself about all of the features and functionalities on Wix and within a month, I had a beautifully designed and fully functioning website, which was incredibly responsive and delivered great results in terms of search engine optimisation.

Two years on, I am a fully trained Wix expert and offer a Wix website design and build service with additional small business support.

The top 10 reasons to fall in love with Wix:

  1. Affordability – The costs start at £36 per year to get a basic website up and running with your domain connected.
  2. Domain – You can connect your existing domain. (I recommend using 123-reg. Don’t use Wix for a domain name as it is quite expensive and not so easy to transfer if you want to move on from Wix).
  3. Ease of Use – You have access to lots of templates, or you can build a custom template, you then have use of their simple drag and drop builder within the editor.
  4. Coding – No coding required.
  5. Design Features – Pre-designed sections that are easy to build on and add to, built in imagery and video galleries to use for free and designed icons.
  6. Apps – You can connect third-party apps such as Mailchimp and more.
  7. Selling Online – Wix has its own store apps built in or you can connect to other apps such as E-commerce or Ecwid. You can also connect to your preferred payment gateways including Braintree, SumUp, Worldpay, Stripe, Square and Wirecard. Wix E-Commerce/Business package rates start from £152 per year.
  8. SEO – To add SEO is super easy and YES you will get found on Google if you include the right keywords!
  9. Support – The Wix support team is very easy to contact and you have their online help and advice groups too.
  10. Marketing – Marketing is simple with Wix. You can build your contact list, create email newsletters and social posts too.  

If you are a small business with a limited budget and want to get ahead in a hurry, Wix really is a great option. As a Wix expert, I can help you design and build a site that works for you and your business perfectly. I can teach you to manage the ongoing maintenance of the site or I can help you develop it as your business moves forward. Prices start from £249.

If you need any small business support or advice, please feel free to contact me here at KH Marketing UK.

Confused about SEO keywords for your business?

Ok, I am totally with you all on this one. However, with a little bit of explaining, you can begin to understand the process of keywords a little bit better! I am going to share with you a few useful tips of how to build your keywords.

The main thing to think about when organising your keywords is to think about what the end consumer will be searching for on search engines. For example, if you are selling a dog, you cannot just put ‘dog’ as a keyword. Think how many sites are going to come up within this search: dog groomers, pet services, dog shows and much more. Your site just will not filter through with this one word. The more specific you are the better, and do not think keyword means to use one word only, you also need to mix in some phrases too.

So, think of it this way:

1. Main – This will be your main keyword – such as ‘Marketing’
2. Body – This will be your mid-range keyword – such as ‘Marketing Consultant’
3. Long Tail – This will be your phrase – such as ‘Marketing Consultant in Wiltshire’

You must remember to include all three factors into all of your content; this includes website, social media and blogs.

If you need help with establishing some keywords that would be suitable for your business, here is a great website which you can use for FREE! www.wordtracker.com

Top Tip: Ideally, you need keywords that over 500 in volume search and less than 40 in difficulty search. (There will show up on Wordtracker)

Here are a few other FREE sites you can use to check your keywords:

We could all go on and on about SEO and how can we be top dog. However, the truth is, it is not easy to become the ‘Top Ranking’ site unless you invest very heavily with a professional. Even then, it takes a long time to happen and it is not guaranteed. In my opinion, it is much better to invest in your time to focus on your keyword strategy to ensure you come up under the consumer search… there are many things you can do that do not cost a penny!  

If you need any help and support, why not contact me for a consultation, I can share more tips and tricks with you! https://www.khmarketinguk.com/ contact/